Lab members


Dario G. Liebermann, Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy,  at Tel Aviv University

Jason FriedmanSenior Lecturer in the Department of Physical Therapy, and member of the Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University

A full list of Jason Friedman’s publications can be found at:


Konstantin Sonkin, Development of a multimodal (IMU and EEG) Human-Computer Interface providing a new instrument for control of devices and motor activity training for patients with motor disorders

Ph.D candidates:

Ruti Bechar, Kinematic characterization of clavicular motion patterns in Shoulder Impingement Syndrome and other pathologies: A comparative study

M.Sc students:

Sinai Carmi, EEG and IMU Controlled Robotic Game As Motor and Mental Practice for Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Yasmin Gihleb, The Effects of Self Action Observation vs. Other Action Observation on Motor performance in the Upper Limb

Atara Hubara, Normal development of hand coordination and the relationship to hand function

Sapir Schwartz, Learning haptic interaction with a robot

Maya Shelsky, Kinematic factors in the acquisition of sign language

Co-superviser: Prof. Tova Most, Dept. Communication disorders


Justine Raz (Ph.D), Effect of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Learning of the Upper Limb in Sub-Acute Stroke Patients Identifying the Optimal Stimulation Mode with Reference to Lesion Size and Location [2020]

Co-supervisor: Dr. Nachum Soroker, Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital & Dept. Rehabilitation Medicine, TAU

Silvi Frenkel-Toledo (Ph. D), Links between Action Observation and Execution in Stroke Patients: Investigating the Mechanism and Possible Therapeutic Effects. [2014]

Co-supervisors: Dr. N. Soroker, Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital; Prof. Shlomo Bentin (dec.), Hebrew University

Morane Meimoun (M.Sc), Characterization of mild, moderate and severe stroke patients’ responsiveness to non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) interventions over the affected hemisphere coupled with personalized training

Co-supervisors: Dr. Nachum Soroker, Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital & Dept. Rehabilitation Medicine, TAU; Dr. Silvi Frenkel-Toledo, Ariel University

Oryan Zacks (M.Sc Sagol), Motor learning using analogies [2019]

Anat Blaier,  Effect of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on grip force release in sub-acute stroke patients [2019]

Co-supervisor: Dr. Nachum Soroker, Loewenstein hospital & Dept. Rehabilitation Medicine, TAU

Katie Woolf Zuckerman (M.Sc.PT)The effect of visual feedback and diversion of attention in patients with dystonia, during point-to-point reaching movements [2018]

Co-supervisor: Prof. Sharon Hassin, Sheba Medical Center

Renana Adani (M.Sc.PT)Involvement of the Autonomic Nervous System in Motor Adaptation in the Elderly [2018]

Mika Ben David Bauch (M.Sc.PT)Effects of postural configuration on upper limb performance [2018]

Guy Bezalel (M.Sc.PT)Voluntary step execution under single and dual task conditions, in patients with knee osteoarthritis, and in healthy older adults. Comparing symptomatic and non-symptomatic legs [2018]

Co-supervisor: Dr. Meir Plotnik, Sheba Medical Center

Adam Grinberg (M.Sc.PT), Landing without visual input: Motor learning of internal compensatory strategies [2017]

Osnat Peled-Snir (M.Sc. OT), Comparison of Conventional versus Virtual Reality Treatment for Reaching Ability in Patients with Chronic CVA. [2010]

Co-supervisors: Prof. T. Weiss – U of Haifa; Prof. M. Levin, McGill University

Ofir Uri (MD, Research Project in Orthopedics), Shoulder Proprioception Following Open and Arthroscopic Instability Repair [2010]

Co-supervisors: Dr. M. Peri (Pristch); Dr. A. Oran, Sheba Medical Center

Dafnah Niv (M.Sc.), Changes in the postural set as a consequence of prism adaptation in Stroke patients suffering of Contraversive Pushing Syndrome. [2008]

Co-supervisor: Dr. Nachum Soroker, Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital

Shani Lev (M.Sc.), Transient adaptation effects on posture as a result of vibratory stimulation on neck muscles in Stroke patients suffering of Contraversive Pushing Syndrome. [2008]

Co-supervisor: Dr. N. Soroker, Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital

Ilana Shor (M.Sc.), The formation of postural coordinative structures as a function of oscillatory destabilizing factors: mechanical or neurally-driven adaptations? [2007]

Shlomit Oron (M.Sc.), The formation of postural preparatory actions as a function of attention, motivation and cognitive factors. [2007].

Hemda Rotem (M.Sc.), The Effect of Passive Standing on Muscle Tone and Upper Extremity Function in Children with Upper Motor Neuron lesion. [2006]

Co-supervisor: Dr. M. Katz-Leuer

Etziona Eizenstein (M.Sc.), Effect of home training protocols on functional mobility of children with severe and moderate post-trauma brain signs and within 1-3 years from injury. [2006]

Co-supervisor: Dr. M. Katz-Leuer

Tal Krasovsky (M.Sc.), Objective evaluation of quality of motion based on extrinsic hand kinematic characteristics during three-dimensional movements with constant radius of rotation. [2006]

Ruth Bechar (M.Sc.), Proprioceptive threshold and postural sensation of the shoulder joint pre- and post-operative to gleno-humeral luxation in patients with and without neural signs versus normal counterparts. [2006]

Co-supervisor: Dr. M. Peri (Pristch), Sheba Medical Center

Harel Arzi (M.D.), Research Project. Orthopedic surgery) 3 Dimensional shoulder movement profile in patients suffering recurrent dislocations of the shoulder before and after surgery. [2006]

Co-supervisor: Dr. M. Peri (Pristch), Sheba Medical Center

Genia Berger (M.Sc.), Effects of isometric muscle strength augmented by superimposed vibratory stimulation. [2005].

Merav Nachum (M.Sc.), Lower-limbs postural reactions to sudden changes in the base of support during standing in post-CVA patients. [2004]

Co-supervisor: Dr. O. Keren, Sheba Medical Center