The field of motor control is often computationally-heavy. Where possible, the lab endeavours to share the software that we write in order to help other researchers.

Repeated Measures is an open-source Matlab software designed for running experiments. Its name is inspired by the statistical technique, and is intended for experiments consisting of multiple trials where some sort of response is collected. The software is able to record data from many sources, including button press, keyboard, mouse, Polhemus Fastrak and liberty, CyberGlove, Optotrak, Wacom tablets, and more. The software is easy to extend and includes a number of sample experiments to get you started.

Software in matlab for decomposing 2D movements into submovements – arm movements can generally be decomposed into “submovements” (elementary building blocks). This software finds the optimal parameters describing submovements, which when combined, approximate a given trajectory.